Social Security Planning

Social Security will make up about 40% of the average Americans retirement income. The success of your retirement will be significantly influenced by the decisions you make regarding your Social Security claiming strategies. With over 500 ways to collect your Social Security benefits there are several questions that you must answer:

  • When is the best to start receiving benefits?
  • How will what I do effect my spouse?
  • What is the cost of claiming before my FRA (Full Retirement Age)?
  • What is the benefit if I delay claiming benefits past my FRA?
  • How are spousal benefits computed?
  • What claiming strategies are available?
  • Can I work after claiming benefits?
  • How will my benefits affect my tax situation?

These are just a few of the decisions that can affect your lifetime benefits by tens of thousands of dollars. A customized Social Security Maximization Report from Freedom Financial Systems will give you four claiming strategies tailored to your needs. To receive your free report, fill in the information form on the right.